This is the guide that is given to trainees on the Basic Electronic Resources course. The guideĀ provides information on the various electronic resources provided by the Postgraduate Medical Centre Library, as well as how to access them, and how to apply for any passwords or logins required.

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Access this URL ( and LinksLinks and citations to articles and resources discussed during the Basic Electronic course/helpsheet0.8 Kb18/04/12 17:40
Download this file (Crib Sheet.pdf)Basic Electronic Resources - CribsheetA small 'Cribsheet' that offers links to popular electronic resources60 Kb26/08/11 17:21
Download this file (Basic Electronic Aug 2011.pdf)Basic Electronic Resources - HelpsheetThis is the Helpsheet that explains how to use a number of useful PGMC Library electronic resources1446 Kb26/08/11 17:19

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