For many years now we have been endeavouring to provide an environment and facilities to enable health carers in Staffordshire to fulfil their educational needs.

In 1986 a group of enthusiastic GP’s and hospital consultants raised funds to convert Coton Hill chapel (1856) into a library and a seminar room. The RAB Thomas lecture theatre and concourse were built in an architectural style to match the old chapel, and all subsequent building has carried on this theme. Further funds, largely from private benefactors, have allowed us to expand facilities progressively to meet the educational needs of GP’s, hospital staff and the wider health care community of Staffordshire. The quality of our development has been recognised across the West Midlands and the faculty of Dentistry from the University of Birmingham have adopted us as a regional skills training centre.

Health Education, like all training changes rapidly and the means to deliver training has to keep up. Recent years have seen an emphasis on practical skills training, and there is a constant need for high quality IT training as computing progressively engages on all aspects of life.

The advent of an undergraduate Medical School at Keele University, which uses County Hospital for student placements, has demanded further teaching resources and the Education Centre has met these by investing in more developments in 2009/10. We continue to strive to provide the most comfortable and conducive environment for learning to take place. Many testaments confirm that users appreciate the calm, quiet and academic atmosphere to be found across the centre, while enjoying facilities such as modern audio visual aids, and wireless internet access.

So please take your time, step out of the stresses of health care for a moment, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings in which to study, teach or even just stop by for a seat from which to contemplate, read a newspaper or take a cup of coffee.

You are very welcome.

Brian R Gwynn