Here is some information from the Royal Marsden newsletter to show how the royal marsden can be used in revalidation, use your OpenAthens to login if you don't have an OpenAthens password you can register online. If you would like to come to library or you would like us to visit you to learn more about the resources on offer please get in touch.

Royal Marsden Revalidation Case Study – Prioritise People

To show you the ways in which the online Royal Marsden content can be applied to nursing revalidation, take a look at our first example which opens as a word document, demonstrating the application of the Nursing Code, and how to integrate it in your revalidation forms.

Procedure of the Month

5.23 Stoma Bag Change

Question: What should you observe immediately post operatively about a stoma?

Answer: Colour, size, appearance and presence of other devices (eg bridge)

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